Yoga for arthritis

Yoga for arthritis; it has a great impact on those pains you have been suffering from all those years.

The focus here lies on your arms and legs. Unlike every other form of exercise, yoga fights your inner and outer pains. It relieves the stress from your body and mind.

Arthritis is a condition that causes the inflammation of joints. It is usually associated with your legs but is not limited to them. There are different forms like the rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis etc.  In certain cases the conditions are extreme and may immobilize an individual.

Arthritis causes severe pain, stiffness, inflammation, joint weakness and instability. In severe cases it also causes joint erosion.

Most cases of arthritis are due to overweight and overuse of the joints. Most people are under the impression that arthritis is caused due to aging, but it is not always true.

What are the options?

Physicians usually recommend drugs and exercise for fighting arthritis. But yoga for arthritis has been the best remedy.

You can start by practicing simple yoga poses like rotating your legs and arms, stretching your legs and arms, lying down and lifting your legs and there are some other poses that are beneficial for fighting arthritis.

But there are some forms of yoga that target body weight, and once you work on your weight, you automatically reduce pressure on your joints and thus reduce your pain.

Other important yoga asanas for arthritis target the strength of your joints and promote balance and flexibility.

Yoga for arthritis; How does it work?

Practicing yoga regularly eases your pains and improves balance and flexibility that reduce your chances of injuring yourself. Some of the poses or exercises in yoga are slow and gentle and they aim at aligning your body and improving strength, balance and flexibility. These poses can increase your mobility.

The effect of balance, mobility and flexibility:

The pain and stiffness in your joints affects your posture and balance. This stiffness can be reduced by practicing some yoga poses and enhance muscle memory. The stretching exercises practiced in yoga, inhibit the limitations your body develops in terms of balance and mobility.

Arthritis causes pain which prevents you from using your joints as much unless required. To begin practicing your body movements, start simple yoga poses. You can also use props like, benches, pillows, straps, belts, blankets etc.

To look at it from a mathematician’s perspective pain caused by arthritis is directly proportional to stiffness of joints which is again directly proportional to immobility and this is directly proportional to balance. They are all connected and one leads to the other. To begin with you have to learn to mobilize yourself by using your joints. At first it may be really difficult due to the pain it can cause.

You have to fight it –

The pain and everything that follows.

It may be easy to swallow a couple of pills to ease yourself from the pain. But what about the actual problem that is causing the pain?

How would you get rid of it?

Here are some simple yoga poses for arthritis:

These are very simple poses you can begin with. But once your body has gained the strength, flexibility and balance required you can move to the more advanced poses.

You will also find that your pain in most cases has disappeared and the swelling has reduced. Yoga is definitely a best cure for arthritis and if you or anyone in your family is suffering from the same, I would recommend you to begin practicing yoga and see the benefits for yourself.

Recommendation – please seek advice from your doctor before you start any form of exercise.

Prenatal Yoga Training

Prenatal yoga training is the most popular and important classes a pregnant woman would like to participate in. This training is very common among first time mums.

You may have been a regular yoga practitioner, but pregnancy is a different and important phase of your life. So, it is important to have proper guidance and support whilst practicing yoga during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga training offers several benefits to you as a pregnant woman.


Prenatal Yoga Training

This is because, practicing yoga during or after pregnancy may not be advisable to all due to the complications some pregnancies may host. Without proper medical guidance there may be chances of miscarriage or even permanent infertility.

Options to start prenatal yoga training:
At a local gym
At birthing facilities
At home by hiring private yoga instructorsPrenatal yoga classes in a classroom environment

Best way to join a prenatal yoga training group is to first check the surroundings. It is very important to have good surroundings. So follow the ‘test the waters method’. Ask to sit down in the first session to notice the teacher and the surroundings and then as per your choice you can join the best one.

Local gym – At a local gym, you will find different groups of people performing different activities. You will have a trainer who will instruct you about the different asanas within a group of people. It can be very encouraging to find different people around you working towards their own goals and you towards yours.

Birthing Facilities – This is not very common. However, there are certain birthing facilities which do offer this as a benefit for new mums. This is to train them to go through the different phases of pregnancy with joy, comfort and ease. You can speak to your regular medical practitioner about any such facilities.

Private yoga instructors – The benefit of having a private yoga instructor is that there is someone to watch you constantly and advise any corrections required whilst performing the exercises. This reduces the risk of any muscle strains or catches.

Prenatal yoga classes – Personally, I feel it is great to be part of a classroom environment. This is because you will be able to meet others who are going through the same phase as you are. This can be very encouraging and helps you pass through the different stages of pregnancy with ease. Communication is the most important tool in life that helps you sort out many problems that you undergo as an individual. Discussing your situation and offering solutions to others problems is the best way to face those hurdles during pregnancy.

“You are not alone in this” is the feeling, being a part of a classroom environment teaches you.

The right yoga training with the right instructor and group takes away the mental and physical issues that arise during pregnancy.

Be open to discuss your problems with either your instructor or with your doctor. Depending on your situation, the exercises or the workout regime can be altered.

I think that prenatal yoga training during pregnancy is vital and reaps great benefits. To get more information on the benefits of yoga during pregnancy, please read the article that lists them. It is to help you understand what is great for you and your unborn baby.

Advantages of yoga for kids

Yoga is believed to be a practice only for adults. This is a very wrong notion that many of us have built over the years. Just like yoga benefits the mind, body and soul of an adult, it has the same impact on children. In fact children reap more benefits from yoga than adults. This is because their body will adapt to the routines of yoga as they grow and the practice of yoga continues with the years reaping extra benefits.

Some of the benefits of yoga for kids are listed below:

Yoga cultivates a sense of discipline amongst children. There are many parents who struggle inculcating this habit in children. But yoga teaches discipline. This helps a child to plan their day since a very young age. They will learn to understand the value of time. Yoga helps build moral values and emotional stability in kids. They will automatically develop a calm mind and learn to love and respect the people around them. Yoga develops concentration which is required for their studies and daily activities, empathy, confidence, improved attitude and great self esteem. Just like adults, children also suffer from stress and anxiety. Yoga helps relieve these stress and anxiety levels. Physically yoga helps enhance flexibility in the body and mind. It is much easier for kids to adapt to yoga quickly as their minds are fresh and cooperative when compared to our adult minds.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga enhances strength and flexibility even in children. Yoga for kids is designed to help them achieve their physical goals like swimming, running, dancing, skating etc. It tones their muscles and helps build leaner muscles at a very young age. Yoga improves memory and alertness in kids. It helps develop balance and the motor and sensory skills. Kids have a lot more energy when compared to adults. Yoga helps channelize this energy into activities that nourish the body. Yoga for kids is externally focused where as for adults it is more of an internal focus. Many yoga activities engage team work, thus building the ability to work well within a team. The kids get to know other kids within a classroom environment and together they engage in various activities of yoga. Yoga also helps reduce social pressures in kids and helps them to cope and handle it with ease. It is proven to be effective for kids suffering from Autism, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, ADHD and others. It is not a medicine for any disorders, but it builds their inner self esteem and helps them cope with their surroundings. The breathing techniques increase the lung functionality and blood circulation. It also has a calming effect on the mind and body of a child. If you notice a new born baby, they breathe in the correct form than us adults. Yoga helps the kids to learn how to breathe and continue to do so for a better living. Yoga also helps hyperactive kids to relax and establish a sense of peace and tranquility. It helps them visualize the way their body is built and helps access their inner strength. Relaxing the body, releases a hormone called oxytocin which is a feel good hormone. This enhances endurance and a sense of peace and acceptance. Meditation is another important practice of yoga for kids. This increases their knowledge and helps them achieve higher levels of bliss and enlightenment. Meditation when practiced under a superior yoga practitioner, helps the kids obtain unity among the three elements of their living – physical, mental and spiritual elements.

10 Methods for getting Dancewear Discount rates

Dancewear, because each and every mother or father understands, is actually costly, as well as kitting away a young child with regard to ballet, faucet, jazz or even every other dancing course may encounter the actual 100s. Since many dancing colleges possess a standard, leotards as well as leggings need to be exactly the same color and frequently a specific manufacturer. Kids develop from dancewear clothes therefore rapidly, particularly the actual footwear, therefore faucet footwear as well as ballet footwear have to be changed each and every couple of months. When they have a freestyle or even rap course, they will require dancing athletic shoes as well as well as these types of aren’t inexpensive.

The good thing is that we now have methods for getting dancewear discount rates; a person just understand where you can appear.

1. Dancing instructors could possibly get make an application for industry or even at wholesale prices standing along with providers to obtain discount rates upon dancewear. In case your dancing college does not currently do that, recommend this for them. It might conserve the actual mother and father cash.

2. When the college doesn’t provide dancewear discount rates in order to students, why don’t you begin your personal little dancewear company? After that you can affect stores as well as providers with regard to discount rates as well as create a little gain including a portion mark-up towards the dancewear clothing, whilst nevertheless producing the things less expensive with regard to additional mother and father.

3. Dance colleges tend to be usually searching for fundraising suggestions with regard to contests, recitals as well as dancing outfits. If you’re able to obtain a less expensive dancewear provider, you are able to nevertheless spread discount rates, however add-on a little quantity for that school’s money.

four. In the beginning of the brand new phrase, numerous kids will require brand new dancewear, such as leotards, ballet leggings, dancing footwear as well as little such things as legwarmers. Meet up along with additional mother and father as well as help to make a summary of the items the children require. You are able to work out discount rates along with dancewear stores if you are purchasing much more, as well as conserve upon postage along with on the internet dancewear businesses.

5. Strategy an area dancewear company in your town as well as expose your self. If you are a normal client they’ll be prepared to provide you with discount rates, particularly if a person suggest these phones another mother and father.

6. Look around. Whilst it may be handy to purchase your dancewear products in the exact same location, costs can be quite various with regard to person points. A few stores or even on the internet dancewear merchants may have affordable leotards, however in the event that their own faucet footwear tend to be too costly attempt other areas with regard to these types of.

7. Have a look upon Auction web sites or even additional public sale websites. You will find lots of low cost dancewear deals if you are ready to find all of them. Occasionally you must have a little bit of persistence to obtain the correct products, particularly if it isn’t regular dancing clothes. Do not simply look for dancewear, make use of wise key phrases at the. grams. suntan faucet footwear, Bloch ballet footwear, Capezio red leotard. This can reduce the outcomes as well as help to make locating the products considerably faster. You may also save your valuable queries upon Auction web sites as well as setup e-mail notifications with regard to dance-related products because they show up.

8. Used dancewear is actually a terrific way to slow up the expenses. In case your dancing college doesn’t curently have the almost brand new container, begin 1 your self as well as publish upward what is on the actual facilities or even neighborhood corridor discover panel.

9. Market the items the children have become away as well as place the cash in the direction of brand new products. Second-hand dancewear things like faucet footwear, jazz footwear as well as Lycra leotards market perfectly in the event that they are within good shape.

10. Purchase every thing at the conclusion from the dancing phrase. Numerous products is going to be decreased and you will obtain superb dancewear discount rates following springtime recitals, or even Xmas exhibits. Keep in mind which kids develop rapidly, therefore you may want to proceed the dimension on every thing so the dancewear suits once the brand new phrase starts.

Trendy Clubwear Which You might want to Check out

It is time for you to have a great take a look at your present clothing. If you have already been putting on exactly the same kind of clothes with regard to recent years many years without having obtaining brand new any kind of clothing, perhaps it is period you think about using a total remodeling. Here are a few recommendation associated with trendy clubwear which you might want to check out.

Vibrant Styles As well as Designs

If you’d like in order to display your own character and don’t desire to be viewed as somebody that is dull, you might select adorable covers that include vibrant styles or even designs. These types of might arrive as pictures or even photos or even might be simply innovative tones associated with various colours. Ladies occur to such as range as well as colour so that they will not possess any difficulty selecting the actual colours or even style they sooo want to appear great within. Darkish colours perform makes a person appear thinner. As well as various kinds of colour can send various communications regarding your own character in order to people who understand how to study colours.

Various kinds of Reducing

Right now a few adorable covers might arrive in a number of various reducing. Although some ladies prefer to put on uncovered back again or even spaghetti shoulder straps, other people might choose 1 make covers or even halter necks. Based on what type of colour as well as reducing which you decide to check out, the main thing is actually that you’re totally comfy putting on this. You can enhance this through putting on the headband or perhaps a gentle coat more than this. Obviously when it is summer time, ladies would rather in order to put on something which fits the actual the sunshine.

Darkish Coloured Denim jeans

Right now along with various kinds of adorable covers, colour as well as styles that you simply select, they’ll just about all proceed nicely more often than not along with darkish coloured denim jeans. Not really baggy types actually. Individuals trim match darkish azure denim jeans. They’ll simply cause you to appear amazing along with whatever clubwear that you simply intend on putting on to visit relax along with buddies within the nights. Therefore ensure that you possess a couple of sets of those darkish coloured denim jeans because they will certainly com within useful because they could opt for any kind of best you select.

Fashionable Footwear

To check the actual clothes, 1 should put on a set of fashionable footwear to visit by using it. Regardless of whether you prefer monster stilettos or even attractive sends, there is sure to become a footwear you could obtain which will enhance your own ensemble. If you’re with limited funds, almost always there is websites as well as shops which market inexpensive rearfoot footwear. Obtaining footwear won’t be an issue whatsoever.


Therefore go on and perform a steady move together with your clothes. The actual clothing a person put on shouldn’t just end up being comfy however they also needs to cause you to really feel great.

Zumba Dancewear Clothes

Wellness Which means you chose to begin a program as well as Zumba may be the 1 you’ve chosen. In the end it is enjoyable also it functions. Right now you’re most likely asking yourself exactly what dancewear will i requirement for the Zumba work out? You do not wish to put on work out clothes that’s as well unflattering or even that’s as well unpleasant. Let us begin what type of dancing clothes you’ll need for the Zumba routines. Among the very first elements you will need to think about whenever choosing your own Zumba clothes is going to be comfort and ease. Zumba courses tend to be dancing orientated and will also be getting around a good deal throughout the work out.

If you would like comfort and ease inside your clothes, additionally you would like the actual clothes to appear great you as you work out. You would like this to become complementing. Preferably the actual clothes ought to match freely and never limit motion and appear great simultaneously. You’ll perspiration a good deal on your Zumba work out. Putting on the headpiece or perhaps a bandanna can help using the perspiration therefore it does not enter your own eye as well as help to make the actual work out unpleasant for you personally. Footwear tend to be following. You want comfy footwear which match you correctly. You simply do not wish to appear for your Zumba course along with aged athletic shoes. Footwear which hold the ground an excessive amount of can make your own Zumba work out very hard and may lead you to journey as well as drop.

The very best footwear for the courses is going to be dancing footwear. They do not hold the ground as well as can help you benefit from the course without having possibly hurting your self. Jewellery is actually an additional aspect to consider whenever beginning your own Zumba course. Do not put on any kind of whatsoever. You’ll be dance close to as well as shifting your own hands everywhere. You can strike an individual alongside a person upon incident along with a number of your own jewellery throughout the work out. The diamond ring may the begining an individual as well as there’s truly absolutely no cause in order to put on any kind of jewellery for your work out anyhow. Simply remove it prior to course. With regards to dancewear as well as work out clothing there are lots of designs to select from. Select something which can make really feel attractive as well as well developed.

It is necessary that you simply look and feel great when you’re performing Zumba. Be sure you obtain a couple of clothes for the routines because you’ll be perspiring a good deal on your course. Zumba is definitely an extreme method to get involved with form. Right now a person understand how to feel and look great whilst performing Zumba. Additionally you understand how to remain secure. Right now proceed have a great time by using it. Make use of as well as submission of the post is actually susceptible to the where the initial author’s info as well as copyright laws should be incorporated.

Belly dancing Belts

Quite often wrong for any belly dancing headband, the actual belt performs a good elaborate part within stomach dance. Not just including the take associated with colour towards the stomach dancer’s outfit, however a good expansion associated with motion too. In contrast to the actual belly dancing headband, the actual stomach dance belt is actually attached instead of linked. Although it may nevertheless are available in material embellished through drops as well as cash, it is occasions numerous levels associated with inter-woven beading as well as cash instead of material. Providing you with a chance to highlight your own motion with no be concerned from it obtaining dropped inside the levels associated with material in your outfit. Your own belt ought to be utilized being an item.

Providing you with the actual advantage associated with motion, letting you highlight each and every small distort as well as change of the primary a good start using the stylish motion from the belt. Once again, such as jewelry; they’re designed to relaxation about the sides as opposed to the belly. Which frequently occasions results in a rise motion. Nevertheless, lots of people nevertheless embellish all of them excessive; concealing the actual techniques you have used such a long time as well as difficult in order to preform. Similar to every other post associated with dancing clothes or even item.

The actual dancing belts ought to be bought with regard to high quality rater compared to amount or perhaps a less expensive cost. Any kind of inexpensively created belt has got the tenancy in order to break apart inside a simple issue associated with utilizes, that find yourself priced at a person within the plan associated with points. Nevertheless, high quality does not usually imply you’ll be having to pay the significant cost. Web sites focused on the actual market associated with high quality as well as inexpensive belly dancing belts such as this 1, will offer you a sizable range that you should select from. Just about all without having busting the financial institution, or even needing to go out as well as substitute the badly designed belly dancing belt.

The actual belts are available in a variety of designs as well as colours. Letting you alter the entire appear associated with anyone outfit, along with simple add-ons. Buying all of them in various measures, designs, designs, as well as colours will help you to obtain the the majority of from your outfit. Just about all and never have to possess a 2nd or even 3rd bottom to allow them to sit down on top of. They’re such as every other style item. The actual belts ought to assistance to draw the actual ensemble collectively, providing this one more coating associated with not just motion, however colour as well as trendy pizzazz too.

5 Simple steps With regard to How you can Provide a Clapboard Dancing!

You most likely know that the clapboard dancer is really a individual, on-on-one edition of the remove tease. For any charge, a few unique dancing night clubs provide this particular for their clients on ask for. A customer demands a personal dancing together with his preferred artist. Your woman dances correct before as well as along with him or her, however he is prohibited to the touch the woman’s or even possess sexual intercourse along with the woman’s. There is nothing that may illuminate the man’s enthusiasm and obtain him or her extremely billed to use it just like a clapboard dancing. If you are seeking to enhance your own romantic relationship, provide your own man a goody, or even if you wish to function as the just lady he or she fantasizes actually regarding, understanding how you can clapboard dancing is actually 1 sure-fire supply of their interest. Here is the way you get it done!

The first step ~ Songs

Understanding how in order to clapboard dancing indicates while using correct songs to create the best feeling. Carrying out a highly effective clapboard dancing requires unique songs to obtain within the correct feeling. Not only any kind of melody is going to do, it’s to create you are feeling attractive. R&B, rap, attractive ballads, in the event that this becomes a person upon, this will help you change him or her upon! Burn off the COMPACT DISC having a attractive blend, as well as arranged the actual stereo system therefore it is prepared whenever your man will get house!

Second step ~ Clothing

Make sure to put on a few attractive clothes. Lots of men such as dark or even red-colored underwear, that is one method to proceed. However just a little creativeness within the clothing division can definitely alllow for a fascinating clapboard dancing encounter for the guy! School-girl plaid dresses along with bobby socks as well as Jane Janes is probably not because exposing, however the male’s creativity is actually their most effective lovemaking body organ. Choose a good ensemble which will arranged their thoughts re-writing with regard to optimum impact! Additional options incorporate a perk top ensemble, France house maid standard, or even attractive dark kitty match along with leather-based footwear, mitts as well as add-ons for any dominatrix style…. Simply allow your own creativity operate crazy!

Third step ~ Individual Planning

Investing a few effort and time to obtain within the feeling is really a large a part of how you can clapboard dancing. Invest a few several hours swimming, repairing hair as well as make-up. You will want to appear your own really attractive greatest, to be able to depict your own sensuous aspect with full confidence. Get ready psychologically through hearing your preferred songs. The greater comfy you’re, the greater you’ll have fun, the greater he’ll appreciate your own overall performance, therefore take some time as well as work in order to feel and look your very best whilst dance for the guy.

Fourth step ~ Arranged the guidelines

Based on your own feeling as well as style, set up your own personality through pointing him or her in order to sit down within the seat you have formerly setup with regard to him or her. If you are opting for attractive fairly sweet, lightly guide him or her into it and also have him or her take a seat. If you are performing the actual dominatrix style, deal with provide him or her their purchases! Make certain he or she understands the guidelines you are arranged, as well as make certain he or she retains all of them before you state it’s OKAY! It will likely be really worth the actual wait around!

Fifth step ~ Tease Him or her Seductively

Knowing how you can dancing in a evening membership, a person understand how to clapboard dancing. You do not need a classy, choreographed regimen. Proceed using the songs, swiveling your own sides as well as operate both hands more than the body. In the event that he is the breasts guy, slim more than him or her as well as allow your own breasts suspend because near to their encounter as you possibly can without having allowing him or her contact a person. You are able to contact him or her if you would like, in the end… you’re in control. Therefore have a great time bossing him or her close to just a little. However understand where you can pull the actual collection!

Kids Dance Classes

Children need to be active.  Unfortunately, this is harder than ever considering the fact that many elementary schools have eliminated P.E.   In addition, many kids would rather play video games than go outside.  Yet despite all this, there is a way you can get your kids excited about fitness.  All you have to do is take them to kids dance classes.  During these sessions, not only will your child learn to dance, but they will also meet new friends.

You can find these classes at any performing arts school.  Kids can study whatever they want ranging from hip-hop to jazz.  There is also the option of taking ballet classes, if kids want to get involved with something different.  Just ask them what they are interested in, and then make the appropriate selection.  If they do not know which class to take, you can start them off with ballet, as this serves as the foundation for all types of dance.

As your child becomes more proficient, they might be interested in taking more than one dance class.  The only downside is that some sessions only occur once each week.   However, at the end of the year, your child will be featured in a variety of dance recitals.  This will make them even more excited about exercise, (as they will have to prepare their bodies for the event).  Shyer kids may also benefit as recitals help encourage socialization.

In fact, if your child does well at these recitals, they can get involved in competitive dance.  With competitive dance, kids dance against other students.  If they get really good, they could get scholarships or even auditions for something more.  There is no limit to what a person can do when they develop decent dance skills.

If a parent wants to develop their child’s talent even further, they can sign them up for performing arts classes.  Also available at performing art schools, these classes focus on the academic side of dance and music.   If a child is exceptional, they can enroll full-time at these institutions.  That way they can get their diploma while becoming an experienced dancer.

Choosing Ballroom Dance shoes for Children

The tears that have been shed over dance shoes would fill an ocean! Everything about dance should be pleasurable for those involved in it – including our foot coverings. Children especially need the right sort of foorwear to encourage natural growth, make them comfortable and to thrill them when they put them on.

Children are notorious for selecting an activity and then deciding they really don’t like it. Expect a few of these in every studio – but work hard to avoid them – it usually relates to boredom or being ignored. It has always been our policy to not ask parents to purchase shoes for children for the first month. Let’s face it, they can’t be used for anything else AND more importantly, the parents will appreciate your honesty – this will pay dividends in the future. Wait to see if the child is enjoying themselves first and use this time to build expectations in the parents as well as the child’s mind as to what to expect and what and where to buy.

For both girls and boys joggers and trainers should be avoided. The soles of these types of shoes will stick to the dance floor and stop their movement.

Very small children should have shoes that fit or are half a size too big. If they are any bigger than this, they will have trouble with their foot expression (in other words, they will have trouble doing the heel and toe dance actions as well as arching their feet) and they will feel and sound as if they are clumping around the studio (because they are!).

This does mean that children’s shoes will need to be changed frequently. Consider having a shoe exchange system in the studio where perhaps the parents either purchase a pair to add to the pool (their child can wear them first), then once they have grown out of them, they can add them to the pool and select another pair. The other option is to charge a shoe fee where for a set amount each term, the student can use a studio pair. If you decide to follow this route make sure the shoes are left at the studio as sometimes they do get lost or the child looses interest and they are simply not returned. We also do not want any tears because Mummy left them home!

All girls will want heels. Lets face it – I want heels! Dance is about glamour, bling and pretty dresses, but this must be tempered by some practicality. It is not possible for any beginner to learn in a three or four inch heel (however good someone else looks in them). It is possible to find a sensible flat sandal for the very young girls that is sparkly – like a princesses shoes.

Children of eight and above can migrate to a one inch heel – this becomes a right of passage and can be accompanied by much fanfare as the child goes to “high” heels.

Children of twelve and above should be encouraged to stay in the 1½ to 2” heel range (really hard with teenagers). They need to feel secure and be able to dance with either a heel or a toe lead. A lesson is often needed. Again, with children of this age, try to supervise their buying expeditions. Having a selection of suitable shoes in the studio and having them order through you is preferable to having them return with something totally unsuitable.

Young ladies of 16 or more – good luck! These ladies will know what they want and hopefully they will have had enough experience to be able to select a shoe that is not only gorgeous but a practical work shoe too.

Many styles of dance shoe are made to make it easier for the owner to easily get into and out of them. The buckle for instance may not need fastening, many are designed for the strap to slip into the hook and the actual buckle holding the strap in place. To undo, just pull the end of the strap towards you and lift upwards. Easy.

The photograph on the left shows a particularly nice sparkly children’s shoe with this type of buckle.

Young children do not need different shoes for different styles of dance. It is more important when they are learning that they are more comfortable. As the child progresses, only then do we suggest fitting the shoe to the style.

Boys are a little more limited, you will have a choice of black, black or brogue usually. I would not encourage Cuban heels for boys until they reach their teens. Initially try to ask the parents to find a soft casual shoe. Boys school shoes tend to be very hard and the sole does not move easily. Likewise, discourage joggers as they will stick to the floor and stop movement.

Remember that a specially made ballroom dance shoe has a soft kid leather sole which is designed to help the child move and to feel the floor beneath their feet. The right equipment always makes a difference.