Advantages of yoga for kids

Yoga is believed to be a practice only for adults. This is a very wrong notion that many of us have built over the years. Just like yoga benefits the mind, body and soul of an adult, it has the same impact on children. In fact children reap more benefits from yoga than adults. This is because their body will adapt to the routines of yoga as they grow and the practice of yoga continues with the years reaping extra benefits.

Some of the benefits of yoga for kids are listed below:

Yoga cultivates a sense of discipline amongst children. There are many parents who struggle inculcating this habit in children. But yoga teaches discipline. This helps a child to plan their day since a very young age. They will learn to understand the value of time. Yoga helps build moral values and emotional stability in kids. They will automatically develop a calm mind and learn to love and respect the people around them. Yoga develops concentration which is required for their studies and daily activities, empathy, confidence, improved attitude and great self esteem. Just like adults, children also suffer from stress and anxiety. Yoga helps relieve these stress and anxiety levels. Physically yoga helps enhance flexibility in the body and mind. It is much easier for kids to adapt to yoga quickly as their minds are fresh and cooperative when compared to our adult minds.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga enhances strength and flexibility even in children. Yoga for kids is designed to help them achieve their physical goals like swimming, running, dancing, skating etc. It tones their muscles and helps build leaner muscles at a very young age. Yoga improves memory and alertness in kids. It helps develop balance and the motor and sensory skills. Kids have a lot more energy when compared to adults. Yoga helps channelize this energy into activities that nourish the body. Yoga for kids is externally focused where as for adults it is more of an internal focus. Many yoga activities engage team work, thus building the ability to work well within a team. The kids get to know other kids within a classroom environment and together they engage in various activities of yoga. Yoga also helps reduce social pressures in kids and helps them to cope and handle it with ease. It is proven to be effective for kids suffering from Autism, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, ADHD and others. It is not a medicine for any disorders, but it builds their inner self esteem and helps them cope with their surroundings. The breathing techniques increase the lung functionality and blood circulation. It also has a calming effect on the mind and body of a child. If you notice a new born baby, they breathe in the correct form than us adults. Yoga helps the kids to learn how to breathe and continue to do so for a better living. Yoga also helps hyperactive kids to relax and establish a sense of peace and tranquility. It helps them visualize the way their body is built and helps access their inner strength. Relaxing the body, releases a hormone called oxytocin which is a feel good hormone. This enhances endurance and a sense of peace and acceptance. Meditation is another important practice of yoga for kids. This increases their knowledge and helps them achieve higher levels of bliss and enlightenment. Meditation when practiced under a superior yoga practitioner, helps the kids obtain unity among the three elements of their living – physical, mental and spiritual elements.