Yoga for arthritis

Yoga for arthritis; it has a great impact on those pains you have been suffering from all those years.

The focus here lies on your arms and legs. Unlike every other form of exercise, yoga fights your inner and outer pains. It relieves the stress from your body and mind.

Arthritis is a condition that causes the inflammation of joints. It is usually associated with your legs but is not limited to them. There are different forms like the rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis etc.  In certain cases the conditions are extreme and may immobilize an individual.

Arthritis causes severe pain, stiffness, inflammation, joint weakness and instability. In severe cases it also causes joint erosion.

Most cases of arthritis are due to overweight and overuse of the joints. Most people are under the impression that arthritis is caused due to aging, but it is not always true.

What are the options?

Physicians usually recommend drugs and exercise for fighting arthritis. But yoga for arthritis has been the best remedy.

You can start by practicing simple yoga poses like rotating your legs and arms, stretching your legs and arms, lying down and lifting your legs and there are some other poses that are beneficial for fighting arthritis.

But there are some forms of yoga that target body weight, and once you work on your weight, you automatically reduce pressure on your joints and thus reduce your pain.

Other important yoga asanas for arthritis target the strength of your joints and promote balance and flexibility.

Yoga for arthritis; How does it work?

Practicing yoga regularly eases your pains and improves balance and flexibility that reduce your chances of injuring yourself. Some of the poses or exercises in yoga are slow and gentle and they aim at aligning your body and improving strength, balance and flexibility. These poses can increase your mobility.

The effect of balance, mobility and flexibility:

The pain and stiffness in your joints affects your posture and balance. This stiffness can be reduced by practicing some yoga poses and enhance muscle memory. The stretching exercises practiced in yoga, inhibit the limitations your body develops in terms of balance and mobility.

Arthritis causes pain which prevents you from using your joints as much unless required. To begin practicing your body movements, start simple yoga poses. You can also use props like, benches, pillows, straps, belts, blankets etc.

To look at it from a mathematician’s perspective pain caused by arthritis is directly proportional to stiffness of joints which is again directly proportional to immobility and this is directly proportional to balance. They are all connected and one leads to the other. To begin with you have to learn to mobilize yourself by using your joints. At first it may be really difficult due to the pain it can cause.

You have to fight it –

The pain and everything that follows.

It may be easy to swallow a couple of pills to ease yourself from the pain. But what about the actual problem that is causing the pain?

How would you get rid of it?

Here are some simple yoga poses for arthritis:

These are very simple poses you can begin with. But once your body has gained the strength, flexibility and balance required you can move to the more advanced poses.

You will also find that your pain in most cases has disappeared and the swelling has reduced. Yoga is definitely a best cure for arthritis and if you or anyone in your family is suffering from the same, I would recommend you to begin practicing yoga and see the benefits for yourself.

Recommendation – please seek advice from your doctor before you start any form of exercise.